We provide Khanapara, Juwai, Shillong, NIGHT TEER Result on daily basis. This is an archery game played in meghalaya india. The shillong result of any Teer game is declared everyday in the evening through online. Teer counter remain open throughout the whole day and provides insights og khanapara teer. Teer is the most favorite game in meghalaya.

Night Teer Result


Night Teer Result Previous List

We provide a list of previous NIGHT TEER result, which help to people to play this game. With the help of this list people that which result come today. probably you know that sometimes lod teer result can help you to win a teer game. If you track previous months list than you will able to predict night results. If you want to become a perfect teer player you should have basic understanding of teer numbers.

Night Teer

Night teer result

How shillong night teer is played?

The teer game is consist of 2 rounds. Everyday, various groups of archers come at the shooting ground to play the game. but only 3 groups are selected. each group must have twenty archers to be selected to shoot in a limited period of time. For each round around 1000 arrows were allowed to hit the target. sometimes they jit and sometimes they miss. total 50-60 archers takes part in arrow shooting. After a limited amount of time the arrow shooting is stopped by the shillong teer result

Now the total numbers of arrows that hit the target are counted. If the total target arrows number is 412 then the last two number will be declared as teer result. then the result of teer game will be 12 for FR. people who choose the number before the game, they will winner and they have to contact teer counter for recive their prize money and the same process is repeated for the SR also. the first round game of shillong night teer is played in between 07:00 to 07:15 PM and second round game is played in between 08:00 to 08:15 PM. Teer game don’t play holidays or sunday.

Night Teer Common Number & Hit Number

Shillong teer common number consists of two digits. The range of shillong teer is from 00 to 99. Player can predict the future teer result number using the previous or old teer results. player solve some mathematical calculation for common number and get result. we will explaine more details about teer common numbers.

List of Teer Shillong Clubs :

In this section we listed down the shillong teer clubs that are linked with official shillong teer association. There is total of 12 clubs in shillong teer.

  • laban
  • laikor
  • jaiaw
  • malki
  • bedeiplang
  • laitumkrah
  • senglang
  • pynthor
  • rangbiria
  • kathuplang
  • mawlai


The night teer number game is completely depends on the playesr’s prediction ability that may enhanced with some past experience with the game. some players choose target number based on their believes. they check your luck and totaly depends on some special lucky numberssome people very strong analytical power to choose numbers. sometime they are correct and hence become the teer result winner.